India is a Unique Country

India is a Unique Country

India is lies at the bottom part of the Southern Asian near the African Continent. Although this country is a known to be one of the poorest country in the world but is filled with uniqueness in terms of culture, religion, tradition and arts. There are so many things that attract us in India.

India is a home of wonderful things like the natural landscapes. In fact, India is a home of World Heritage Sites having a record of more than 35 World Heritage Sites of which most of them are cultural sites of India. It is just stunning that many people do not like to go to India. Perhaps because of the environment in India, water is not drinkable. Nevertheless, Indians are used to it so they can drink from the water but foreigners can not take to drink their water.

India is filled with arts and you can see that in their festivals and their rituals. You can see it in themselves, the way they dress and the way they adorned themselves with ornaments. They are really filled with arts in their daily lives.

India is the second film industry in the world calling the film industry called Bollywood, next most famous to Hollywood.

India has more than 100 languages in the world, one of the most multilingual country in the world. These country has the most numbered festivals in the world. There are about 30 festivals celebrated in a year covering national festivals, religious festivals of Hindus and traditional festivals of their culture.

Having a mustache is also a fashion and has become a tradition to them. So those who have mustache consider themselves as good looking.